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1. Your wedding can be designed in advance.

I will have your flowers done 30 days prior to your big day. This will allow you to make any adjustments that may be needed.


2. You can use your bouquet in your bridal portraits.


3. Your bouquets will be a lasting keepsake.

One year after your wedding, you bouquet will still look great. Many people use their centerpieces as favors for their guests, or a decoration in their home.


4. They are cost efficient.

Silk flowers are less expensive than fresh, often less than 1/2 the cost of fresh flowers.


5. Allergies are not aggravated.


6. Your bouquets can be used to decorate the head table.


7. Perfect match.

By providing a fabric sample of your color, I can often times match your flowers perfectly to your dresses.

Why Choose Silks?